All laundry processing is completed in one of our facilities in compliance with all state and federal laws & guidelines.  PENN’s laundry process segregates each customer's goods from all other orders.  This means your goods will never be processed with another customer's order; eliminating the possibility for inventory intermingling. After processing items are individually hand-inspected to confirm that only top-quality products are delivered to you and then packaged and shipped to ensure cleanliness and infection prevention.

Healthcare Laundry

PENN has been operating full service hospital laundries since 1981 and has extensive experience in providing hospital laundry service. We are especially cognizant of the importance of providing hygienically clean linen to our hospital customers. We understand that hygienically clean as defined by AAMI (Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation) is "free of pathogens in sufficient numbers to cause human illness." In addition, we know good laundering practices produce linen that is free of soils and removable stains. Our wash formulas will result in the removal of pathogenic bacteria through the use of water, alkaline builders, detergents, bleach, sour and bacteriastat softeners. High temperatures, applied in the finishing operation, further destroy traces of infectious bacteria that may still remain in the fabric after washing. Our laundry facilities meet or exceed OSHA standards for laundering and handling of products as well as CDC guidelines for infection control.

Hospitality & Hotel Laundry

Be it a family run hotel or an international chain PENN knows that a hotel guest whose room is not ready is, potentially, a guest lost. And that a single unsightly garment can invalidate an entire clean room. The crispness of a sheet, the softness of a towel, the whiteness of a napkin, we all make judgments based on the smallest things. So we never underestimate the importance of clean linen to the way you and your business are seen. For all bed linens PENN utilizes flat iron presses to ensure a smooth, professional finish to all linen processed.

Government Laundry

PENN Provides Laundry services for Local, State, and Federal Government Entities
     Local:   Police Stations  -  Fire Stations  -  Sheriff’s Departments

     State:  Universities  -  Hospitals

     Federal:   Hospitals  -  Army  -  Air Force

PENN has been in the government laundry cleaning support business since 1981 with a high contract load of 14 major contracts in 10 states producing over 44 million pounds/pieces of work per year for the Department of Defense (DOD). The following are DOD customers that PENN has served in the area(s) of logistics, laundry, and/or dry cleaning for more than 30 years.

Ft. Leonard Wood    -    Walter Reed AMC    -    West Point
Ft. Riley    -    Ft. Eustis    -    Ft. Jackson    -    Ft. Benning
Ft. Rucker    -    Ft. Sill    -    Ft. Polk    -    Ft. Hood    -    Ft. Irwin
Keesler AFB    -    Tinker AFB    -    Scott AFB    -    Langley AFB
Ft. Mc Clellan    -    Ft. Monroe    -    Ft. Story    -    Ft. Hamilton
Ft. Meade    -    Pentagon    -    Ft. Campbell    -    Ft. Meyer
Soldier’s and Airmen’s Home    -    Little Creek Naval Base
Lake City Army Ammunition Plant

Commercial Laundry

Our commercial service is catered to suit you from mops to drapes PENN is capable of handling all of your laundry needs. Our services for customers range from processing a single piece to 2million+ pounds annually. Outsourcing your linen services reduces your overhead cost therefore enhancing profitability. It also saves you time and puts your goods in the hands of trained people who do nothing but laundry.